Bendix Transport Danmark A/S
Jernholmen 39
DK-2650 Hvidovre
Telephone + 45 36 772244
Telecopier + 45 36 771502
Reg.No. 18 23 61 33

Bendix Transport Danmark A/S
Europavej 40, Taulov
DK-7000 Fredericia
Telephone + 45 75 564444
Telecopier + 45 75 564400
Reg.No. 18 23 61 33

background and vision

On the 1st of May, 1902 the basis was created
privately owned Danish Limited Company, the
objective of which is to offer LOCAL GLOBAL TRANSPORT.

To do this, it is today no longer sufficient to be
a specialist, if the specialist does not possess the
ability to group the necessary number of specialists
in smooth and efficient teams permanently in the
frontline developing and modernizing the transport

The Logistic Supplier of the future is the one capable
of linking all parts of the chain and by this creating
effective door to door transport sys-tems. This requires
a professional staff, profes-sional partners and last but
not least a modern and efficient IT-platform.

We have come far but will maintain an innovative approach
towards further development and improvement in order to
be able to continue producing transport systems fully
satisfying the needs of the CUSTOMERS.

We are not big – but big enough to keep our promises.

We are not small – but small enough to care for even the
most tiny interests of our CUSTOMERS and PARTNERS.

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